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This Privacy Policy applies to (the “Website”) and sets forth the terms concerning the protection, privacy and confidentiality of personal information provided on or using the Website. The Website is managed and operated by Parqer and its affiliates (collectively referred to as “Parqer”, “we”, and other similar terms).


1. Applicability

Access or usage of the Website signifies your acceptance of the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”), as may be revised from time to time. Any submission or provision of personal information on or though the Website will be handled and governed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 


2. Modifications to the Privacy Policy

Parqer may modify this Privacy Policy at any time, at its discretion. The modified Privacy Policy will be published on the Website, and the modified Privacy Policy will be applicable to information collected on and through the Website upon its publication on the Website.



This Privacy Policy has been prepared and drafted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and all applicable laws. GDPR applies to members and residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Union (EU).


4. Provision of Personal Information

Website users are not required to provide personal information to visit the Website, however, users may need to provide personal information to create a profile, register on the Website, reserve a parking space, pay for the parking space, benefit from services offered by Parqer or gain access to parts of the Website. 

5. Personal Information

Personal information refers to information about an identifiable individual (also referred to as a natural person). This personal information may include but is not limited to the Website user’s name, coordinates, email address, payment information, vehicle type and other information deemed relevant. Parqer will only collect and use personal information that users of the Website provide voluntarily.

Considering Parqer may gain access to users’ personal information and data, Parqer shall have the ability to store, collect, modify, delete or otherwise use the personal information provided on or through the Website. Parqer acknowledges and abides by all applicable obligations detailed in the GDPR. This Privacy Policy and the Website are and shall remain compliant with all provisions set forth in the GDPR.

6. Safeguard of Personal Information

Parqer shall handle all personal information provided on the Website in a transparent and lawful manner, in accordance with the principles and guidelines set forth in the GDPR. 


Parqer has established firm procedures to protect and safeguard personal information provided through or on the Website. All information provided by users on or using the Website shall be treated as confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party except as needed and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. 


The confidentiality and safeguard measures developed by Parqer shall apply to Parqer, its employees, consultants, and other third parties who may have access to personal information and data collected through the Website. Personal data and information shall be disclosed by Parqer only on a limited and as needed basis. All disclosures of personal data and information by Parqer shall be for a limited, specific and clearly established purpose. Any and all recipients of the personal information and data shall be subject to confidentiality obligations that are as binding as those detailed in this Privacy Policy.


Further, all information collected through or on the Website shall be protected from unauthorized disclosures, deletion, damage and destruction by virtue of the procedures and systems implemented by Parqer. The objective of such procedures and measures is to safeguard users’ personal information and maintain their integrity. 


7. Purpose and Usage

Parqer shall use personal information provided through the Website only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, and for no other purposes, except with the Website user’s prior written consent. 


The personal information provided by users shall be used by Parqer to fulfill the purpose set out by the Website. The personal information may be used to reserve a parking space, make a payment, cancel a reservation or effect any transaction involving a parking space listed or available on the Website. The Website users’ personal information will be used to the extent that is necessary to fulfill the objectives listed in this section, and  in legitimate proportions and durations to comply with the GDPR.


For transparency purposes, you understand and acknowledge that Parqer may use the personal information submitted on or through the Website for the following purposes:


- to reserve parking spaces and to perform all corresponding services described on the Website;
- to provide personalized recommendations and offers;
- to inform users of parking spaces and availabilities that may be of interest;
- to communicate with you regarding a parking space, a reservation or to provide other information; 
- to respond to questions, comments, suggestions or other requests for information;
- to verify features, sections, parts and services offered on the Website;
- to improve and assess the Website;
- to conduct research relating to the Website and to the services offered on the Website,;
- for any other reasonable and relevant purpose as determined by Parqer.

To fulfill the data minimization obligation in the GDPR, all personal information used by Parqer shall be limited to information that is relevant and necessary to fulfill the specific purpose.


If the Website user provides its explicit consent, Parqer shall be authorized to use the personal information provided by the user in accordance with such specific consent.


8. Laws and Court Orders

Website users understand and acknowledge that Parqer may be obliged to disclose personal information provided on the Website as a result of a legal obligation, regulation or court order. The GDPR also indicates that the communication and disclosure of personal information transmitted using a website may be necessary to promote public interest. 


Parqer shall disclose personal information to comply with laws in force, regulations or a court order. If such disclosure is required by applicable law, Parqer shall not be obligated to advise the user prior to the disclosure. 


If a valid court order requires the provision of personal information by Parqer, Parqer shall provide the required information in accordance with the instructions detailed in the court order. Parqer shall give the Website user prompt notice of Parqer’s obligation to disclose such personal information, in an effort to allow the user to seek injunctive or all appropriate legal remedies.


9. Collection and Storage of Personal Information

Parqer shall update all users’ personal information on an as needed basis to ensure accuracy and precision. Parqer shall immediately erase or correct all erroneous personal information once the error is brought to Parqer’s attention by a Website user.


All personal information provided on or through the Website shall be stored and maintained in Parqer’s servers for a reasonable duration. Parqer shall maintain the personal information in its data files and storage for the duration that is necessary based the purpose and the consent provided by the user. The maintenance and storage of personal information by Parqer shall limited in time and scope and shall comply with all applicable legislation, more specifically the GDPR. 


10. Website Users’ Rights

Users who provide personal information using or through the Website shall have certain rights relating to the personal information. Users will have the right to be informed of Parqer’s collection, maintenance and storage of their personal information. Parqer shall provide the user with the requested information upon written  request.


Users shall also have the right to request the deletion or correction of inaccurate or false personal information. Upon request by a user, Parqer shall remove such personal information from its servers, or shall make all appropriate corrections to such personal information.


11. Prior Consent

Parqer undertakes to secure the users’ consent prior to any storage, collection or management of the user’s personal information. Where possible, the user’s consent should be in writing, specific ad explicit. Users below the age of eighteen (18) are not able to provide valid consent and are not authorized to use the Website. 


12. Fraud Detection

Parqer undertakes to routinely run fraud detection tests to ensure the Website functions properly. During the course of a fraud detection test performed by a third party service provider, such third party provider may be able to authenticate users. Website users understand that such third party service providers may have access to personal information about the Website’s users, such as IP addresses.


13. Transfers of Personal Information

Parqer shall not transfer its users’ personal information outside the European Union or internationally unless the transfer of such information complies with the restrictions and terms set forth in the GDPR. Parqer shall transfer personal information only to those countries that comply with strict data protection regulations. These countries include the United States. 


14. Cookies

Cookies consist of small data files that are downloaded onto a user’s computer upon the user’s visit to a particular website. Users may disable such cookies by turning them off, however, some parts of the Website may not function properly if cookies are removed or turned off. The Website reserves its right to use the “cookies” technology. 


15. Third Party Websites

This Privacy Policy applies to the Website, even though the Website may provide links to other websites. Links to third party websites are provided solely for reference and convenience purposes. Personal information and data collection on third party websites shall be governed by their respective privacy and personal data policies, if applicable, and not by the present Privacy Policy.


16. Questions and Comments regarding this Privacy Policy

Please direct all questions, comments and concerns regarding the Privacy Policy to Parqer by way of the Website. Parqer shall use reasonable efforts to promptly respond to users’ inquiries and requests.  

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