Frequently asked questions

Here are few of the most commonly asked questions our customers asquired in the
process traveling and finding the perfect place for their car.

  1. What is the process of dropping and picking up my vehicle?

    The process may vary from a parking to another.
    Each parking on have a description section. Please have a close look at the one you're interested in booking. You will find all the details you need about the drop off and pick up of your vehicle.
    All the important info is in there!

  2. I would like specific information about a carpark.

    Select the desired parking. You will find all the important information in the description section of its webpage.

  3. I would like pricing information

    All our rates are available on our website when you make a search for a parking space reservation.

  4. I did not receive my confirmation email.

    We invite you to check if the confirmation email has not been received in your spam or junk mail.

  5. I would like to change my parking space.

    To change your parking space, simply cancel your reservation and make another one on the parking space of your choice. (Make sure to check the cancellation policy of the current parking you're booked in, beforehand)

  6. How to cancel a reservation?

    When you log into your profile you will find a cancellation section. You can cancel your reservation from there.

  7. How to extend my reservation?

    If you wish to extend your reservation, you need to cancel you're current one first. (Make sure to check the cancellation policy of the parking you're booked in, beforehand) You can then make a new reservation.

  8. I would like to come with another vehicle.

    Please call the parking (number given in your booking confirmation) to let them know the new vehicle's characteristics (model, license plate etc.).

  9. Someone damaged my car during the stay. What to do?

    Any customer who does not give access (keys) to his vehicle to the Parking retains full responsibility. Otherwise, the Parking will be responsible for ensuring the safety of Customers and their vehicle in its facilities. Make sure to mention any noticed damages before leaving the parking. The parking staff will you guide you through the following and needed steps.

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