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Access: You'll be meeting a member of the staff on Level 3,Car Park 1, Luton Airport

Important Note:

Please call the staff 30 minutes before arriving to the airport. You will be met in the multi-story car park 1, Level 3, near lifts and a Pay on Foot Machine. Also make sure to have your Booking Confirmation on your departure day.

On your return please call Luton 247 Airport Parking as soon as you land and call them again after you have collected your luggage. You will simply need to sign the paper work and collect your vehicle from our designated point at your terminal.


Please Note - £5.00 Exit Fees Payable On Return within 15 minutes

Luton 247 Airport Parking

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Le parking n'accepte pas les reservations sous moins de 24h.

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Meet and Greet, Patrols at the carpark, Comprehensively insured drivers, Cost Effective & Efficient Service

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